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Panacea, FL Septic Tank Services - Capital City Septic Services

If your septic tank malfunctions, it could put your family at risk for health issues if the wastewater is not properly treated and removed from your property. It’s crucial to have a professional inspect and repair your system as soon as possible to avoid these issues. Call our experts at Capital City Septic Services for appointments in Panacea, FL, and throughout North Florida. We service residential and commercial units.

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We provide complete septic services to the Panacea area, including:

  • Septic tank replacements & installations
  • Septic tank repair & maintenance
  • Drain field repair & maintenance
  • Drain field replacement & installation
  • Septic tank inspection & troubleshooting
  • Septic tank cleaning & pumping
  • Grease trap cleaning & pumping
  • Grease trap repair & maintenance
  • Grease trap installation & replacement
  • Grinder pumps
  • Soil & perc testing

How To Maintain Your Septic Tank

To keep your septic tank working properly, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance. Some tasks you should perform are:

  • Have your system inspected and maintained by professionals.
  • Pump out your unit as needed.
  • Keep the system’s lids closed and secured.
  • Make sure the water from your land and roof drains flows away from the drain field.
  • Be careful when you perform landscaping work around the tank.

Septic Tanks: Cleaning vs. Pumping

An important task to keep your septic tank working correctly is to have it cleaned or pumped regularly. How do you know what service you need? It’s important to understand the differences between the two:

  • Pumping: An expert will take a giant hose and put it into the tank, sucking up liquid, solids, and sludge floating at the top. This prevents sludge from settling to the bottom of the tank.
  • Cleaning: Instead of sucking solids and sludge at the top of the tank, an expert will drain the water from the tank and remove everything stuck to the bottom.

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Benefits of Installing a New Septic Tank

There are many advantages to installing a new septic tank on your property in the Tallahassee Metro Area. Some of the top benefits can include:

  • More affordable than other options: Installing a new unit can be more affordable – and convenient – than other methods of eliminating wastewater through a public sewage system. Adding a unit to your property can be more cost-effective, over time, than paying a monthly bill.
  • You need a sewage system: You need a form of a sewage system on your property. The alternative to a septic tank is an outhouse – which can be inconvenient.
  • Fewer clogs: When you install a system at your home, you are likely more aware of how to use and maintain it properly. This can include being more careful about what you put down the drain and what food you dispose of down the sink.

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