The Importance of Hiring Professionals for Septic Tank Installation

Benefits of a Professionally Designed Septic System

A septic system is an alternative method of disposing wastewater from the home’s plumbing. Traditionally the home’s drains are all connected to the main sewer line. Septic tank systems are popular in rural areas where city sewer is not an option. The city or ordinance is responsible for maintaining the sewer, but homeowners are responsible for maintaining their septic system. 

In this blog post, septic tank experts share insight into how professional contractors design and install efficient septic systems. Homeowners may be tempted to try DIY septic tank installation or hire an amateur to save money. They will spend more in the long run if the septic tank system is not up to local building codes, is not the right capacity for the property, or the drain field cannot pass a perc test. 

Make Sure Septic Is Up to Code

One of the struggles of installing a new septic system is ensuring that the project is up to code. If the city finds that the septic system does not follow local building codes, the homeowners may be required to remove or replace the septic system. Trusting a professional to design the septic system will help homeowners avoid making costly mistakes by ignoring local codes. 

Making changes after the work is complete can add weeks or months to the septic installation time and bring the project over budget. The best way to get the job done quickly and under budget is by leaving the work up to professionals. Professional contractors must stay current on the latest changes in local building codes and requirements. 

Professional Soil Testing and Perc Testtesting

One of the important steps towards installing a new septic tank system is to complete professional soil testing and perc test. Homeowners will need to contact a local plumbing company or septic tank specialist to test their home’s soil to ensure it can handle a septic tank. A specialized septic company can provide personalized advice on what type of system would be best for the home. 

The septic term “perc” test is short for a percolation test. Percolation tests measure how fast the soil can absorb water released from the septic system. The soil around the septic system, called the drain field or leach field, needs to be able to percolate water from the septic tank at an appropriate rate for the volume of water. Without proper drainage on the property, a septic system may not be functional. 

Install the Right Type of Septic System

septic systemInstalling the wrong type of septic system for their home can be a costly mistake for homeowners to make. Hiring an experienced professional to design the septic tank system ensures that homeowners will not make a terrible mistake when choosing which type to install. Professional septic contractors are trained to design septic systems that meet the property’s needs. 

They need to consider many factors, including how much space is available on the homeowners’ property for the septic tank and how much volume the system can handle. Installing a septic tank that cannot efficiently handle household demands will leave homeowners stuck with future repairs and installations. Homeowners can protect their investment by trusting an expert to calculate the necessary system capacity. 

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