How to Tell if a Septic Tank Needs Repair or Replacement

3 Signs Septic Tank Repair or Replacement is Necessary

For most people on a septic system, it represents freedom of some sort. Living away from municipal services but still handling sewage safely can be a point of pride for those living outside the city limits. In most cases, septic systems are very reliable and require little intervention. But, when septic systems start to have trouble, they can create nasty messes and cause a lot of stress. 

Learning how to better manage a septic system is a necessary set of skills. Reacting to trouble at the first sign can be the difference between a pleasant experience and a lawn flooded with sewage. Take advice from these local experts and learn the signs that the septic tank needs repairs. The top three signs indicate a nasty problem is just around the corner. 

Foul Odors

smellLike a sewer system, a septic system is designed to have no odor. Where a sewer system sweeps away waste, a septic system holds sewage in a tank. But types of plumbing vents sewer gasses out of the roof so a homeowner never has to smell them. However, when things aren’t working right, foul odors can cause domestic life to upset quickly. 

Foul odors that indicate the septic tank has problems can be found in two places. First, the tank needs attention if foul odors are evident on the lawn. Pumping sludge from the tank or inspecting the lateral lines for silt can ensure sewage is treated quickly. If odors are noticeable indoors, the problem is probably a result of a dry P-trap or a serious sewer backup. Either way, septic tank services can eliminate the source of the foul odors. 

Drainage Issues

To effectively deal with sewage, a septic system has a leach field where naturally-treated water can be absorbed back into the surrounding soil. When drainage issues occur, it is usually a problem with the leach field. These problems can crop up inside the home where slow-draining sinks are a symptom or lead to soggy, smelly spots in the drain field. 

If drainage is an issue, septic tank services may suggest septic tank replacement to deal with an old tank or lateral line replacement. Restoring flow to the system will eliminate the problem and allow the home to continue as normal. 

Sewage Backups

sewage backupsA home on a septic system can be subject to sewer clogs, just like a home on a municipal system. The complication arises when the tank is allowed to overfill. When septic tanks get too full, they can successfully drain sewage away from the home. This leads to massive drain problems starting on the home’s lowest level. Instead of toilets being able to flush, they will hardly drain at all. 

To address drainage issues in a septic system, experts will start by inspecting the septic tank. If sedimentation occurs, they will pump the tank. Sometimes, they will clean out the lateral lines to help the sewage process faster. This will eliminate slow-draining toilets and sinks. 

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