Is Trenchless Pipe Lining the Best Pipe Repair Method?

What Makes Trenchless Pipe Lining a Superior Method?

Burying pipes below ground is a practice with pros and cons. On the one hand, pipes are safer underground, and sewer lines are easier to manage when below grade. On the other hand, repairs can be a huge hassle when underground pipes need to be accessed. 

Traditionally the only way to deal with buried pipes was to dig them up and make repairs. This resulted in tons of damage as well as a lot of wasted time digging and re-burying pipes. It would make a lot of sense if there was a way to repair or replace sewer lines without spending all that time digging. 

With new methods and machinery, there is now a better way to deal with problems in underground pipes. Trenchless pipe lining offers an exciting alternative to prevent hassles, finish repairs more quickly, and offer durable results. Here is an easy guide to help homeowners understand trenchless pipe repairs. 

Less Excavation

Traditional sewer line repairs are expensive and can be a huge hassle. There are few things worse than digging up precious turfgrass or destroying sidewalks and driveways on a property simply to make a trench for a new pipe. The resulting excavations can take years to heal and destroy decades of landscape in minutes. 

With trenchless pipe repairs, only two holes need to be dug. One hole is for accessing the mouth of the pipe, while the other is for locating the other end. Once the pipe is uncovered, a cable is passed through. This cable will pull a new lining inside the pipe or spread epoxy on the inner surfaces. The result is a quick repair with far less digging than excavating a trench, meaning the landscape stays intact and no collateral damage is done while digging. 

Faster Repairs 

repair When it comes time to break ground on underground pipe repairs, the biggest waste of time is excavating. During excavation, operators have to be mindful of other utilities buried underground. This means that it can take hours to trench just a few feet. 

Repairs can be made much faster by following the existing path of the pipe. After the two main holes are dug, repairs can be completed quickly. Often the longest limiting factor is the setup time for the epoxy used in epoxy pipe lining. 

Just as Durable as Other Repairs 

pipesAny time a new method makes its way onto the open market, one of the biggest obstacles to widespread acceptance is faith in the product’s durability. With trenchless pipe repairs, that concern is unjustified. 

Trenchless pipe repairs involve several options for repairing an old sewer pipe. The nice thing about choosing a method is that they offer fast, durable repairs. Instead of being a temporary solution, these repairs are expected to last as long as the original product. Trenchless pipe repair specialists can help homeowners select the type of repair that is right for them. 

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