Easy Maintenance Tips for a Low-Stress No-Mess Drain Field

Keep Your Drain Field in Tip Top Shape

Drain fields are an important part of a home’s septic system. While many may think that the septic system ends with the septic tank, this system extends to what is called a drain field, otherwise known as a leach field or an absorption field. They are called such because this area is where wastewater from the septic tank is distributed into the soil, where it is filtered and broken down by microbes and other natural bacteria.

Because drain fields aren’t top of mind for home maintenance, it’s easy to neglect their maintenance. Still, for homeowners who don’t want to encounter problems with their drain field, there is more than one way to keep their septic drain field functioning properly, either through preventive measures or with the help of a professional septic system service provider.

Benefits of Professional Septic Leach Field Maintenance

maintenanceMaintenance, especially if done regularly by professionals, always has a benefit to the homeowner, the most important of which are listed below: 

  • Saves Money – while it may be difficult to part with $250 to $500 for drain field maintenance, the return for this particular investment is easy to see, especially considering both the trouble of having a troublesome drain field and the cost of having it repaired or replaced, which is somewhere in the area of $5,000 to $15,000. Another good thing about regular maintenance is that it only needs to be done every three to five years.
  • Protects Property Value – a properly functioning leach field protects the value of a property. Nothing shows potential buyers away more than a smelly, poorly maintained septic field.
  • Maintains Healthy Living Conditions – a healthy drain field is also important to keep families living within its vicinity healthy and free from diseases related to bacteria and viruses present in human waste. It also protects them from exposure to high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Keep the Drain Field Clear 

Maintenance isn’t just about checking the drain field every few years. Keeping the leach field in top condition also means keeping things that may compromise it away from the area. One way to do this is by preventing cars or other vehicles from parking or driving over the drain field. This is important because anything heavy on top of the drain field can crush the pipes below it or cause the soil to compress, which prevents it from absorbing wastewater properly.

Another thing to keep away from the drain field is tree roots. Septic system experts always advise homeowners to plant trees far from the leach field. This distance is carefully calculated to ensure tree roots do not get into the pipes, which may block them and prevent wastewater from draining properly. If, for some reason, tree roots do begin to encroach on the drain field, it’s possible to put up root barriers around the field. A tree root barrier should block tree roots from getting into the area where the drain field pipes are located.

Watch What You Put Down The Drain

septicSimilar to what homeowners should be doing to prevent clogging their drains, leach field maintenance also requires homeowners to watch what they flush and pour down their sinks and into the pipes. Toilets are only meant to accommodate human waste and minimal toilet paper, while kitchen sinks aren’t meant to handle food waste, even with a food grinder installed. Corrosive materials like antifreeze, automotive fluids, gas, oils, and other fatty substances that can re-solidify in the pipes will greatly damage the drain field.

Professionals recommend keeping all of these substances away from the pipes because they will eventually make their way to the drain field and impact the delicate balance of healthy bacteria that is needed to decompose waste material. Toxic chemicals can also enter the groundwater and contaminate the drinking water supply.

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