Septic System Design Services in Tallahassee, FL

When installing a new septic tank system on your property, you need to ensure it’s properly designed. Call Capital City Septic Solutions for appointments in North Florida.

When building a new property, you need to ensure the septic system you’re installing is adequate for the home or building. It’s important to have the system designed by experienced professionals. Call Capital City Septic Services for septic system design services in Tallahassee, FL. We are locally owned.

When you need soil and perc testing, give us a call for installations and replacements in the Florida Panhandle.

What To Consider When Designing a Septic System

When designing a septic system, there are numerous things you need to consider, including:

  • Local codes: You need to ensure your project meets all local codes and rules to make sure you don’t need to make changes after the work is complete.
  • Perform soil & perc testing: Make sure the soil can handle the system before you start the work. Hire a professional to perform soil testing.
  • Know what type of septic system you want to install: Most types consist of a septic tank and drainage system. Other types can include conventional, pump chamber, mound, and cluster systems.
  • Size of the septic area: Work with a professional to determine how much space on your property your system will need.
  • Calculate the septic tank capacity: You need to ensure your system can handle the right amount of volume. If it can’t, wastewater might flow back into the house or building.

Advantages of Septic Systems Over Sewers

When deciding if you need to install a septic system on your property or a sewer, it’s important to identify the advantages of septic systems. The benefits can include:

  • They provide simple onsite wastewater treatment.
  • They allow groundwater to be recharged onsite.
  • They allow you to avoid contaminating groundwater.
  • They let you avoid issues with raw sewage discharging from treatment plants.

When your aging septic system needs to be replaced, call us for septic installation services in Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson, Franklin, and Gadsden counties.

Parts of the Septic System

A septic system consists of two main components – a septic tank and a drain field.

  • Septic tank: In the tank, bacteria is broken down by organic material in the wastewater. This is the primary treatment.
  • Drain field: The secondary treatment occurs in the drain field. The bacteria completes the purification process and the wastewater slowly infiltrates into the soil.

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