Septic Tank Repair & Maintenance in Tallahassee, FL

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Have you noticed your sinks draining slowly, or an odor coming from your yard? This can indicate your septic tank needs to be repaired or maintained. To ensure your unit is working properly, call Capital City Septic Services for septic tank repairs and replacements in Tallahassee, FL. Our technicians are licensed and insured.

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Common Types of Septic Tank Repairs

It’s essential to have your septic tank repaired at the first signs of an issue. Some signs to watch for include:

  • Your drains or toilets are backed up.
  • Your toilets are slow to flush – or not flushing at all.
  • Your sinks, shower, and bathtub do not drain as fast as they used to.
  • You see standing water near your drain field or tank.
  • You smell foul odors or sewage.
  • Your system is failing.
  • Your inlet pipe is malfunctioning.
  • Your outlet pipe is not working correctly.
  • Your unit is overflowing or is backed up.
  • Your drainage field is failing.

If you experience these problems, call our experts at Capital City Septic Services. We offer commercial and residential services.

When To Replace Your Septic Tank vs. Repairing It

When your septic tank starts to malfunction, it can be difficult to know when to repair it and when it needs to be replaced.

If you notice odors or experience drainage issues, these problems can typically be repaired by a professional. This may involve fixing a pipe or replacing a part, or even needing pumping services.

If your system is completely failing, it can be time to replace the entire unit.

To avoid a total replacement – or unexpectedly learning you need to install a new unit, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance with a professional. We offer residential and commercial services.

Does your drain field need to be replaced? Call us for drain field replacements and installations in Tallahassee and throughout the Big Bend Region.

Dos and Don’ts of Septic Tank Maintenance

It’s essential to keep your septic tank properly maintained to ensure it works correctly. Some tasks you should – and shouldn’t – perform include:

  • Do have your system inspected and maintained by professionals.
  • Do pump out our unit as needed.
  • Do keep the system’s lids closed and secured.
  • Do keep water from your land and roof drains away from the drain field.
  • Do be careful when you perform landscaping work around the tank.
  • Don’t use a garbage disposal.
  • Don’t use a garbage disposal.
  • Don’t flush anything other than toilet paper or waste.
  • Don’t put chemicals down your drains.
  • Don’t use septic tank additives.

When your septic tank needs to be repaired or maintained, call Capital City Septic Services at 850-536-6919 for appointments in Saint Marks and Alligator Point. We offer straightforward pricing!