Soil and Perc Testing in Tallahassee, FL

Make sure your septic system is adequate for your property with soil and perc testing. Call us for appointments in Leon County!

When you install a septic tank system at your home or commercial building, you need to ensure the system is adequate for your property. This is where soil and perc testing comes in. To make sure your results are accurate, have the testing performed by a professional. Call Capital City Septic Services for soil and perc testing in Tallahassee, FL. We offer straightforward pricing.

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What Is Soil & Perc Testing?

The perc test measures the water absorption in your soil. These tests are required when building a septic system to ensure it’s adequate for your property. During the test an expert will dig a hole in the soil around the proposed location of the septic system and will presoak the holes. He or she will then fill in the holes to a predetermined level. The contractor will then measure how long it takes for the water to absorb in the soil.

When You Need Soil & Perc Testing

Soil and perc testing is done before you install a septic system on your property. Skipping this step could cause your system to flood or pollute the groundwater.

Systems require a minimum and maximum percolation rate. If your soil is unable to handle the test, then your system cannot be installed. If this occurs, you will need to discuss other options with your contractor.

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How Are Soil & Perc Results Measured?

When a soil and perc test is conducted, an expert will measure the results to ensure it’s safe to install a septic tank system in that location. A professional will measure the percolation rate by volume and time to determine the permeability of the soil. If a location fails, it’s typically because the area isn’t permeable enough. That could result in a septic system’s drain field draining too slowly.

When you contact Capital City Septic Services, our experts will review the results with you.

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